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grasshopper celebrityAdeline - "The kids definitely had fun because they were still talking about Mr Bottle when they were in school the week after. Thank you so much for making it such a memorable party for Vicky. You really did well to take her out of her disappointment with your clever magic tricks and you made each and every kid feel important. I cannot praise you enough for your special ability to bring out the joy in every child that was at the party."

Valerie Jahja - "It was an amazing experience and definitely the right decision to engage you to entertain at my boy, Elroy's Birthday party last sat. Thumbs up for your creativity and consistency to keep all the children and adults drawn to the performance. I have many parents asking for your no. right on the spot. That day we had plenty of leftover food. Everyone was just too focus that they forgot to eat. Now I see why the Grand Copthorne Brio Cafe need you there. Keep up the good work and would love to see you at my friends' party soon."

vicky's birthdayTan See Lin, Cheryl's Mum - "We (Cheryl's parents and her 2 aunties) would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for making Cheryl's 5th birthday party a successful and most memorable one. It is not easy keeping so many 4 to 5 years old kids interested and focused on your show for 40 minutes, but you did it with flair, gusto and ease, the best thing is you looked like you were enjoying yourself at the same time. Your show is definitely worth every penny.

Truthfully, you didn't only capture the young kids' attention, you have also captured all the adults' attention. All the adults who saw your show wanted me to convey their thanks to you for making them laugh so much.

Cheryl absolutely loved you and your tricks and magic, best of all, she loved your talking cake. She too wants me to thank you, and sends you hugs.

Olivia Teo, Sarah-Jane's Mum(via SMS) -"Thanks very much for your patience with the kids on Sunday. Though your show was already over but I really appreciate you giving your attention to your fans. It was a great show!"

Olivia Teo, Sarah-Jane's Mum(via email) - "Just to let u know I attended my friend's son birthday party at Singapore Island Country Club last Sat and trust me, your kids' entertainment is so much better! .... your magic show was more fun!

Meanwhile, keep up the good work! once again, I appreciate you spending extra time with the kids at my girl's party. They enjoyed your show a lot and I was surprised they still hang around you after you've finished. You should start your own fan club!"

Elizabeth Khoo, Michelle's Mum - "Thank you very much to you and Mr. Bottle for making Michelle's party a success. I am really glad we engaged you and I will not think twice engaging you for a similar event in the future. My in-laws and an Uncle who lives in Australia, were very impressed not to mention the kids and their parents."

Liny, Anchorage (After booking Mr Bottle for the second time.) - "Good job on your magic show. Your show and your friendiness are very much appreciated by all of us. Thank you so much for making my son's party so wonderful."

Liny, Anchorage (After booking Mr Bottle for the third time.) -"Great show. My kids (are) still talking about it till they got to sleep just now. Thanks for making all my guests and children enjoy the party."

Roopa, Ardmore Park - "Everyone in Nandini's birthday party enjoyed your magic show a lot! Even the adults were very impressed with your amazing card tricks! I personally liked the GIANT STRAW trick very much!

Even after the magic show was over, all the kids gathered around Mr. Bottle asking for more and he very patiently showed the kids some more tricks and didn't disappoint anybody!I think everyone who was present at Nandini's party will remember the magic show for a long time!

I will definitely recommend it to any of my friends who is planning to have a magic show.
Thank you for making our party a success!!!!"

Andrew Kim, American Chamber of Commerce in Korea -"I would like to take this opportunity to express my warm appreciation for your service and effort to make the AMCHAM Inaugural Ball 2004 another AMCHAM’s historic event. We have heard many positive responses from our guests about your magic after the Ball."

Janet, 16 years old, Hong Kong - "I enjoyed your magic show in Cityplaza very much! This is the best magic show I have ever seen. It's very impressive! I am sure that I will see your show if you perform in Hong Kong again!"

Kym Ng, Mediacorp Artiste - "Mr Bottle, You are really cool!"

Irin Gan, ex-Mediaworks Artiste -"Dearest Bottle, Nice meeting u! Very impressive!"

Angeline, MOOG - "Professional... very friendly and approachable... Value for money with good quality entertainment even for small gatherings."

Annette Dreesmann - "Thanks a lot for your GREAT show!! Everybody really enjoyed a lot, we all taped it, so we have a very nice memory om the first celebration of Jennifer's Birthday in Singapore."

Dr. Bala, Kent Ridge Vale - "I want to thank you for making Saturday's party a big success. My daughters & all their friends loved the show."

Kyoto Igarashi, Valley Park Condominium - "Maho is extremely delighted with your performance especially your magic for sweets. As she is rather shy girl, your program to invite Maho to the stage was quite appropriate for her. Such inter-activeness of your show seems to be very impressive around her age. "

drawingChong Jing Yee, 7 years old - "I enjoyed your magic show very much. Thank you Uncle Bottle. Please be like this picture... happy."
(Left: She drew me a picture of a smiling sun and clouds)

Aileena Wong, HR Manager, MHE-Demag - "I just want to say thank you for the work you did on MHE-Demag's Family Day. You went the extra mile to put smiles on our children's faces - who were more than delightful to have been presented with balloon sculptures of their choice.

Your Close-up Magic and Balloon Sculpturing were equally interesting and entertaining. Your patience with children and effort you put forth in completing the performances in such an entertaining manner is greatly appreciated by this Company and the organisers. Thanks for your careful attention to our needs.

The signed cards and signature balloons that we brought home with us will extend our memories of your talents at that very special day."

Your Japanese fan, Akiko - "Dear Mr.Bottle, I saw your show on 16/12 @ Cold Strage Jelita. That was really great and fantastic. My daughter and I enjoyed (it) a lot. Thanks."

Karen Renner Leng, Kent Ridge Vale - "Just a quick note to say how much the children enjoyed your magic show at Daniel's party on Sunday. The adults enjoyed it too! Thanks!"