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Through the thousands of shows that Mr Bottle has presented, we have special programmes to suit different age groups and events. The 30-min Bottle Magic Show is a very special and interactive show where children can participate onstage as well as offstage, making them part of the magic show.

The Magic ‘in a Bottle’ show is not only mind stimulating, but also specially planned with respect to the psychology of children. Probably the only children show like this in the world, having a sub-plot of the bottles keep appearing and disappearing within the show, thus keeping the adults intrigue, while fascinating the kids with the magic!

Interlaced with humour, the show will keep the children as well as the adults occupied, in laughter while asking for more. They will have an unforgettable day with Mr. Bottle's magic show!

“Very good and polished show!” -- Master Illusionist, Ice McDonald from Los Angeles, USA --

Mr Bottle brings the audience on a journey of magic and mystery, stretching beyond everyone's imagination!

This is not just a magic show, it is a crowd-puller!

Highlights include:

Recycling is Fun!
A fun and educational routine which teaches children subtly about recycling!

Straw Game
Mr Bottle plays a game with the children, in which the person, who picks the longest straw, wins. It's the magician's turn and he magically chose an impossible long straw that is taller than anyone! Looks like the Mr Bottle won but all ends well when the prize multiplied so that there is enough for everyone.

Magic Drawing Board
The magician draws a face on a drawing board and the drawing comes to life right before the audience's eyes! It then starts to have a humorous conversation with the magician and it even raps!

magic drawing board

Ansan Art Festival
Mr Bottle performing at the Ansan Art Festival 2008, Korea.