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    contact Mr Bottle at:
    Tel: 65155921 / 97397503
    Fax: 65617482
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Customised Shows

We also provide mass customisation of magic shows and other entertainment for corporations and organisations. (eg. Product Placement and brand enhancement in our shows)

Some of the customised magic shows available for booking:

  • Healthy Variety Show - Kids learn about eating 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits, eating by the colours of the rainbow, and exercising regularly.
  • Power Up Your Health Magic Show - This show also covers topics like Saying "No" to smoking and improving one's self esteem.
  • Eye Care Magic Show - Kids learn how to take care of their eyes in this interactive magic show!
  • Being Green Magic Show - Kids learn the importance of the 3Rs in this educational magic show. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to a greener planet!
  • Halloween Magic Show - Want to a fun and yet "scary" show for your Halloween? Available all year round!
  • Princess Magic Show - Mr Bottle will relate princess stories and finally make the birthday girl float in the air like Jasmine in the story of Aladdin!

For more information, contact Kien directly at 97397503 or email us at enquiry@magician.com.sg