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Balloon Show

Have you seen a magic and comedy show entirely making use nothing but balloons? This new show intends to break that boundary!

needle thru balloon

Probably a first in South East Asia, Mr Bottle combines magic and his unique brand of physical comedy into this special show. Everything in the show is made of balloons and given away to the children.

Highlights include:

Needle through Balloon - Mr Bottle's famous magic comedy act which he performs around the World.

Balloon Workshop - Well.... almost! Mr Bottle attempts to teach kids how to make a balloon dog with funny results!

Under the Sea - See Mr Bottle makes unique marine creatures out of balloons.

World's Fastest, slowest and biggest! - See Mr Bottle makes the world's fastest, slowest and biggest out of balloons!

Cupid Love - A fun act involving two audience boy and girl; see how they improv to love for each other!

Every show is different depending on what balloons chooses during show!

Includes lots of mega-balloons to be given to the kids!

needle through balloon2

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